Photomontages, also known as planning montages or montage CGIs, are ideal for visualising a planned development or new property at any stage of the build process. With today's technology, we can add even the most minute detail providing a realistic view of your project in context to its surroundings creating an accurate visual representation.

With 3D photomontage rendering you can:

  • See what a new build or development will look like within the local environment.
  • Blend a 3D model with existing site photography.
  • Allows the user to see how the massing of the build will impact on the surrounding environment/landscape.
  • Perfect for helping properties or developments through planning.
  • Allows councils and planners to understand the use of materials and context of the build.
Planning 3D Photomontage Visualisation - CGI Services
Architectural 3D Photomontage Visualisation - CGI Services Exterior 3D Photomontage Visualisation - CGI Services


It’s three steps. Our in-house photographer visits the site to capture photos of the proposed location. Back at the studio, we model the building from 2D technical drawings and material samples. To produce the final 3D photomontage visual, we camera match the model of the building to your chosen photo, paying close attention to the lighting, for a seamless blend of CGI and reality.

Property 3D Photomontage Visualisation - CGI Services


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