Virtual Reality Tours

Immerse your buyers in your world, without leaving theirs. 360° CGI virtual tours are the latest thrilling way to experience an interior or exterior space with a walkthrough tour or marketing 3D animation. As a VR company, we can tell you that virtual reality is one of the most exciting ways to market new developments and properties. Try one below and see.

Our VR production options:

  • Real time Matterport scanning. Perfect for environments that are built and finished.
  • CGI virtual reality tours; ideal for interiors that have yet to be built or furnished.
  • Static virtual reality CGIs; spherical images taken from just one viewpoint within a space.
  • Mixing interiors with exteriors; walk around a development and then head inside one of the plots combining a montage of different CGI images. Perfect for the full experience.
Virtual Reality Propery Tours 3D CGI Visualisation - CGI Services
Show Home Virtual Tours 3D Visualisation - CGI Services



It’s simple. You provide your technical 2D drawings. We use them to produce detailed 3D models using the design specification to model the fixtures and fittings. Once the space is modelled it’s on to the fun bit, 3D furniture, realistic CGI props, texturing and lighting the scene. There is a sequence of draft renders until everything meets your expectations. Finally, we provide high-resolution images for your virtual property tour. It’s that easy.

Interior Marketing Virtual Reality 3D CGI Visualisation - CGI Services

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The beauty of our interactive home tours is that in using 360° hotspots throughout, customers can experience the space from all perspectives and angles. We can also include more interaction through visual configuration and videos within the tour. All our VR tours are compatible with desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, with or without virtual reality headsets.

Development Exterior VR Tours 3D CGI Visualisation - CGI Services

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Interiors aren't just the only space that can be created in 3D ready for virtual tours. We have refined the process of 3D photomontage rendering - bringing to life the exterior layout and landscaping of any-sized development allowing the user to navigate around the site viewing their next potential home. 360° hotspots can be placed at any location within the residential development enabling the user to really understand the layout and scaling of different house types.

Office Marketing Virtual Reality 3D CGI Visualisation - CGI Services

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If you are struggling to market a newly refurbished commercial/office space and need to get the space sold or rented quickly then our 360° virtual reality CGI tours are a perfect tool for that. Highly detailed, realistic and can be shown with or without furnishings, the VR tours are really the next steps in allowing your next client to understand how the space can be used. 

Our commercial/office VR tours options:

  • Interactive marketing.
  • Property tours.
  • Commercial building tours marketing.
  • Interior design visualisations.
  • Furniture layouts.
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