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MG Design UK is a creative CGI company producing (photo)realistic imagery, 3D animations, and 360° virtual tours. From still imagery to short animations and virtual reality experiences, if you can imagine it, we can render it.

Our services


Our services

Computer generated imagery is a constantly evolving technology and we bring your architecture, furniture, interior, and product designs to life using the best techniques. We'll encourage your audience to new heights.

Architectural CGI

Photo(realistic) property marketing visuals, perfect for bringing your designs to life.

Interior CGI

Realistic, accurate and ideal for marketing your next project.

Product/Furniture CGI

Impressive and textural, our 3D images are the best way to show off your project.

VR Property Tours

Immersive and interactive, virtually explore the unbuilt environment. The perfect tool.

Recent works

Everything we create is true to life, with the accuracy and detail you would expect from photography or video. Our clients are drawn from all design sectors and our still imagery, virtual reality tours, and animations offer maximum impact.

Our work speaks for itself.


Residential marketing + 3D site plan + interior CGIs


Residential marketing + VR + interior CGIs

John Guest Connectors

Product marketing + animation + product CGIs

People we've worked with

Attention to detail, realism and accurate interpretation of designs puts MG Design UK first with our clients

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Our services


Marketing a new product? Our CGIs allow your products to look realistic, exciting and available quickly ready for use on social media and advertising.


Packshot CGI allows the exploration of all colour and design options to uncover the right packaging design in a most cost-effective way.


Your creativity brought to life in stunning interior CGIs from the latest concepts or new development scheme for a variety of applications.


Beautiful architectural design deserves to be beautifully rendered through CGI stills and animations. Invaluable throughout the planning and marketing process for both new builds and renovations.


Let your customers have some fun with our 3D design configurators. Interactive, responsive and fully bespoke to each client. Bring your latest product range to life through CGI, it’s a great marketing tool.


Seams, stitches and custom fabrics, these are the details we add to show off your next season’s newest designs. Photorealistic furniture CGIs and animations are a cost-effective way of bringing your products to life throughout the design process.


Combining the best of 3D and site photography. With 3D photomontages you can illustrate a new development or property at any stage of the build process in crisp CGI visuals.


Accurate, perfect for planning and combined with a methodology report. Accurate visuals representations (AVR) show the impact your build will have on the surrounding environment. An essential tool when seeking planning permission for your project.


Buildings, products, interiors, we can create exciting walkthrough animations, storyboards and visuals effects for all of your needs. CGI animations showcase your unbuilt projects in one uncanny step away from reality.

Virtual Reality Tours/Matterport

Virtual Reality (VR) property tours let audiences experience your newest development or interior by fully immersing themselves into a realistic and informative interactive 3D environment.


CGI is a perfect way to market a new office space, hotel or retail space for brochures, websites, video and social media. Show off existing or proposed commercial spaces with detailed furniture and fittings, it’s the perfect marketing tool.


Beautiful food, too good to eat. Whether you are enhancing a room set or running a creative campaign, our food CGI never fails to make an impact. Accurate, detailed materials, scanned elements wrapped in a cost-effective shell of goodness.

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